The Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy officials will need your help in identifying deserving students. Several criteria will be considered in selecting students who have been nominated, including creativity, leadership, academic strength and an interest in entrepreneurship.

Who may be Nominated

All incoming Indiana high school juniors and seniors who meet the basic eligibility criteria may apply.

Costs, Commitment and Completion

The Purdue Research Park will provide tuition, room, board and instructional materials needed to complete the program. Families are responsible for transportation to and from the program and pocket money. Students must remain in residence for the full five-day program. They are expected to arrive promptly and participate fully in all seminars, workshops and activities.

Students who complete the Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy and choose to enroll as an undergraduate student at Purdue may use the academy experience to fulfill one of the approved option course requirements for Purdue’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. The certificate, which is similar to a minor, is designed to provide entrepreneurship apply education to students in all majors.  Students receive the certificate by completing a series of five courses and/or approved experiential learning opportunities, including as internships. Read more about it at

Selection Process

Nominations are reviewed by a committee comprised of the Purdue Research Park staff and industry experts.


Basic Criteria: The student must demonstrate an aptitude in the areas of math, science and technology along with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Competitive Criteria: Following are examples of what to look for when nominating a student:

  • Creativity and initiative
  • Recognition by peers as a leader
  • Ability to work with others and respects diversity
  • Overall academic strength; takes challenging courses and excels in them

Nomination Form

Nominators' must complete the nomination form and return it with their recommendation letter and the student's essay. To receive a nomination form, please contact Juliana at or 765-588-5253.

Recommendation Letter

A written statement from the nominator certifying the student's character, conduct and qualifications.

Student Essay

A 250-word essay from the nominated student briefly stating what he/she expects to learn at the Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy.