Pharmaceutical consulting company joins Purdue Research Park

Published: February 9, 2012

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Pharmaceutical companies that seek assistance in ensuring the safety and efficacy of new drugs they develop may benefit from a company that has joined the Purdue Research Park.

Chyall Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC provides its clients with scientific advice related to optimizing the properties of new pharmaceuticals. The work forms the basis for the chemical and manufacturing information that companies include in their drug application filing to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Company founder Leonard J. Chyall, Ph.D., said the firm's work benefits the companies and patients who rely on the new drug therapies to treat illness or disease.

"Bringing a new drug to market takes many years and an investment of more than $1 billion. The companies often rely on consultants like me to assist in specific aspects of this process," he said.

Chyall said clients understand the chemical structure of a potential new drug, but there are other challenges that must be overcome before a drug becomes successful.

"If the drug is to be further developed into a form like a tablet, it must be stable during its manufacture and storage," he said. "We help clients understand issues that affect drug stability, which creates the best possible pharmaceutical products for these new therapies."

Chyall explained why Chyall Pharmaceutical Consulting became a tenant in the Purdue Research Park.

"A supportive environment is critical to the success of all businesses, particularly those that are just getting up and running. The Purdue Research Park provides me with an extensive support system, which frees up time to focus on my customers," he said. "I'm also thoroughly enjoying the informal interactions with other business leaders in the park who are in the various stages of growing their own businesses."

Chyall previously worked at SSCI and Great Lakes Chemical Corp. He was a postdoctoral fellow in Purdue University's department of chemistry from 1992-1996.

About Chyall Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC

Chyall Pharmaceutical Consulting is an independent consulting firm serving the pharmaceutical industry, with expertise in the synthesis, characterization and analytical testing of drug substances and drug products. Its services are directed toward research project management, laboratory testing, scientific data review and report writing.

About Purdue Research Park

The Purdue Research Park, with four locations across Indiana, has the largest university-affiliated business incubation complex in the country. The park network is home to about 200 companies that employ 4,000 people and are located in West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Merrillville and New Albany.

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