Entrepreneurship Academy

Program Mission

The goal of the Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy is to provide innovative math, science and technology-based business and life skills that empower young people, and offer them unique opportunities and real-world experiences.

Program Overview

The Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette is offering an opportunity to incoming Indiana high school juniors and seniors who demonstrate an aptitude in the areas of math, science and technology along with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Selected students will attend the five-day, high-tech focused Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy at Purdue University's West Lafayette campus. The Academy is led by Purdue Research Foundation staff with critical assistance from Purdue University faculty, industry leaders and successful high-tech business entrepreneurs. Students work in teams on a fundamental business case to determine the best way for the business to compete, identify capital needs to start the business and devise a plan for managing the business successfully.

Participants are provided with business cases, two days of instruction and necessary materials to assist them in the successful completion of the program. On the final day, teams give a 15 minute "investor pitch" to a panel of judges in a business plan competition setting. Tuition assistance vouchers to Purdue University are awarded to the top three teams whose presentations are judged as having the most solid business strategy and promise for success. Students who complete the program will have one of the course requirements waived in the Entrepreneurship Certificate program at Purdue University's Discovery Park.

The training platform for the program is the So what? who cares? why you?® entrepreneurship methodology created by Wendy Kennedy. Working with Wendy, the students become a startup company team for an assigned science or technology idea and apply So what? who cares? why you?® to determine the best options to commercialize their idea, and devise a plan to successfully launch their business. 

Interested in being a counselor this summer? Academy graduates that will at least be entering their freshman year of college in Fall 2014 are eligible. Click here for an application. All applications must be returned to jbcasavan@prf.org by March 6, 2015. If you have questions, contact Juliana at jbcasavan@prf.org or 765-588-5253.